57pc Drill Drive Set with Brad Point and Extreme Flatwood Bits

57pc Drill Drive Set with Brad Point and Extreme Flatwood Bits

  • Medium Tough Case
  • System Set
  • Connectable Case allows multiple sets to be stacked and locked together.
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Présentation du produit

Modular, stackable medium tough case. Designed for secure storage of accessories. Clear lid for easy bit identification. Use the locking system to connect the cases together, and securely stack with small, medium, and large Toughcases.

Supplémentaire caractéristiques

  • TSTAK compatible to hold all your accessory sets in one place.
  • Compatible with the TSTAK system via the Large Tough Case.
  • Extreme Impact Ready Flatwood bits have a bevelled pilot point tip.
  • Bevelled outer cutting edges enable precise positioning of the drill and a clean hole, even in wood with nails.
  • Thick, robust steel shank for added durability.
  • 1/4" shank ensures easy and slip-proof clamping.
  • Fast and accurate drilling.
  • Brad Point Wood drill bits have a centering point, two shoulders and peripheral cutting edge for fast, clean results.
  • Brad Point Wood drill bits are particularly suitable for drilling dowel holes and through-holes.
  • Screwdriver bits have an Optimised Tip Geometry for full fitment in the fastener and reduced cam-out.
  • Full-fit head eliminates wobble and screw head rounding.
  • A small bulk storage case included.
  • Includes a drive guide with an extending sleeve for improved fastener stability and control.
  • Easy bit removal and retention for user convenience.
  • Screwdriver bits lock into place to prevent them falling out when not in use.


  • (7) Brad Point Wood Drill Bits
  • (1) 3mm
  • (1) 4mm
  • (1) 5mm
  • (1) 6mm
  • (1) 8mm
  • (1) 10mm
  • (1) 12mm
  • (6) Flatwood Drill Bits
  • (1) 12mm x 152mm
  • (1) 14mm x 152mm
  • (1) 16mm x 152mm
  • (1) 20mm x 152mm
  • (1) 22mm x 152mm
  • (1) 25mm x 152mm
  • (1) PH1 25mm
  • (3) PH2 25mm
  • (1) PH3 25mm
  • (1) PZ1 25mm
  • (3) PZ2 25mm
  • (1) PZ3 25mm
  • (1) T15 25mm
  • (1) T20 25mm (22)
  • (4) T25 25mm
  • (1) T30 25mm
  • (1) T40 25mm
  • (1) PZ2 50mm
  • (1) PH2 50mm
  • (1) T20 50mm
  • (1) Magnetic Bit Holder
  • (1) Magnetic Drive Guide


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